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Why Young Professionals?

 The success of the 11/30 Network will demonstrate the transformational potential of a community where young professionals thrive – both in their careers and personal lives. By engaging young professionals in the community, we will impact the community by helping these future leaders invest in the place they live, work and play.


If you're interested in the success and growth of the 11/30 Network, we encourage you to join a committee! Contact us for more information: 1130network@chambersburg.org

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Creating the Network

The Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce recognized a need for a young professionals group in the greater Chambersburg area. As a result, a diverse group of young professionals were invited to collaborate. Through the Chambersburg Chamber, a Steering Committee was formed to develop the purpose and goals of the group that address the needs of local young professionals.


After meeting for months, the Steering Committee launched the 11/30 Network in February 2015 with an event attended by more than 170 young professionals. More events were held over the next few months to continue building awareness of the group in preparation for collecting memberships. Sub-committees were also formed as interest in the group grew and more young professionals expressed interest in helping the 11/30 Network flourish.


These efforts culminated in the membership drive which began in June 2015 to recruit 11/30 Network members for the coming membership year. By the first day of the official membership year, July 1, 2015, the group consisted of 60 members. By the end of the first membership year, the group was at 151 members!

The 11/30 Network is an initiative of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. © 2020

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