The 11/30 in our name represents the intersection of Routes 11 and 30 in the near center of Franklin County. Just as this historic crossroads has connected people from throughout the region, the 11/30 Network was formed to connect young professionals who live and work across Franklin County. The 11/30 Network is a vibrant group of young professionals who desire to be involved in the community through social, civic and professional opportunities.


What is 11/30?

Why Join?

You’ll meet fellow young professionals and gain access to new opportunities to get involved in our community including:

  • Network at social and family-friendly events

  • Grow and develop your professional skills

  • Volunteer to give back to the community

  • Play sports in a relaxed and friendly environment

  • Connect with the community and stay in-the-know about local events and happenings

  • Build meaningful relationships

  • And so much more!

Join Now!

Membership is $30 per membership year (January 1 - December 31). To join, complete the membership form.

Please note: Payment must be received to be an active member.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who lives and/or works in Franklin County who is aged 21-39 as of the first day of the membership year (January 1 of respective year).

The 11/30 Network is an initiative of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce. © 2020

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